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Scout Car will not area fire

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So I have an American armored scout car, with a driver, and a loaded HQ. A big juicy .50 cal with 1000 rounds sits on top. Unbutton order is given to the car, and the HQ unit. There is a soldier sitting behind the gun. But they will not area fire. I gave target command to both the car, and the HQ riding inside.

I've never got this to work in game, it has to be a bug.

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In a scene out of blackhawk down, nobody wants to re-man the 50cal. Where's Hoot when you need him. Instead of a Humvee its an M20 in this case. I'm assuming you mean only the driver is left of the original crew. This was mentioned a while ago. Requires to be fixed I think too but its rare that M20's are featured and even passengered so likely bottom of the totum pole.

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