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I use win98. Video card is Nvidia GF4 MX 420 64mb. Driver is CMBB runs fine it always has. My problem is another piece of software I have that is not running. I have been told to update the drivers. My question is which version? From what I have read here some are much better than others and do not wish to screw up CMBB. Your insights will be most appreciated. Thankyou

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I have W98SE with a Geforce 4 Ti4400

I use now the 44.03 drivers without problems ( 1 known issue is i can only use antialiasing 0 or antialiasing 4x, with 2x i cant start CM )

Text problems are often solved by escaping (or alt tab) to the desktop and returning to the game again.

Try those first, if you get problems with CM, i would recomment the 30.82 drivers.


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I don't now what I did,but I upgraded to nvidia

to 45.23's,know when I do this the problem seems to have that you boot the game,you hear the cmbo

/cmbb music but a black screen,then you hit alt+

tab and back that fix's it but you don't have to do that,1st you right click to properties/advanced

/GEFORCE4-TI-4400/performance&quality/image settings to-performance-AA to 4x-AF-2x-texture sharping checked-then go to open gl settings to

default color depth-set to-always use-16-bpp-

then to buffer flipping mode to-use block transfer

,then to vertical sync to-default,apply and click

ok,that might do the trick,my monitor adapter-refresh rate is a optimal,this is a p-111-1.2 gig

tualitin cpu/asus-tua-266-mobo/1-gig of ecc-pc-2100-low parity-not-registerd ram/GF-4-4400-TI-Gainward-golden sample/win-98-se-monitor-m-991-dell/sony flat-trinitron/these settings might not work with other rigs but I also did this with the

nvidias-44.03's and it worked,so I did have problems before,also not to forget in bios that

(vidoe cache) or vc mode not the USWC-(uncacheable,speculative write combining)seems

to mess things up or freeze cmbo/cmbb but other mobos can do it with the right mobo-dvrs/bois set

up .

This is for mine with Windows 98-se,but the 45.23's are working good/without the problems stated above,but you can try it with Win-XP ,that

card is outdated,but not bad for CM,but try these settings above might boost performance and still get everything that works right,hope this helps out...... :D:D:D .........

[ October 18, 2003, 05:01 PM: Message edited by: TufenHuden ]

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Try and install the 30.82 or 30.87 drivers FIRST before you mess with any of the 40.xx or higher drivers. Those are the last two version that still function 100% with no issues AT ALL.

Once you get into the 40 and 50 series drivers you will encounter issues with the Anti-Aliasing, that can all be worked around, but which can be a little annoying.

Get those drivers at www.guru3d.com


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