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Question on downloaded demo

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Are there floating German ?-mark icons in the "Road to Berlin" demo? Such icons appeared frequently in the marnoldster's excellent tutorial, but I've never seen one when I play the demo on my iMac. [i've provided a link to that tutorial below.]

I asked about these icons in the thread originally presenting the tutorial, and I've tried the suggestions given without success. Specifically, alt-I does toggle floating icons, and I always leave them on. [One suggestion was that there were more than two states for floating icons, and alt-I cycled through those states with one setting presumably giving those ?-marks. That was not my experience.]

Has anyone seen the floating ?-mark icons in the free demo?

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The ?-mark floaters do appear at the Veteran setting. I don't understand why NO information at the start is better than some information, but I agree that, when my units can see German units, they get a lot more info than they should realistically.

When I watched the tutorial, I thought those ?-marks gave good info about where best to prep fire. Without them, you're prep firing blind.

One way to cheat, though, is to save the set up and then cease fire. You can then find out where your favorite targets are [mine would be the AT guns and the HMGs]. When you reload the save, you can prep fire with the best chance of knocking out the German units you'd like.

Rather than firing blind and possibly wasting mortar shells for no gain, I guess I'll have to accept the casualties as I advance radio equipped spotters to positions where they can adjust fire onto real Germans rather than phantoms.

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