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Serious problem!

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I formated my Pc...

I installed the newest detonators (gf4 ti4200)

Then I reinstalled cmbb, and patched it.

When I launch the game it asks for display prefs.

Normaly I have selected 1024x768 BUT NOW I can only choose 640x400, and its in SOFTWARE mode! I can hear different noices of the monitor when its trying different modes.

So how could I fix this?

ps. directx 9

[ May 17, 2003, 03:35 PM: Message edited by: Paddington ]

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Paddington, I did a search with keywords "software mode" and I found this thread:

The reason you're limited to 640x480 is because of the lack of 'Direct 3D Acceleration'. CMBB is running in 'software rendering mode' which really doesn't work since it only supports 640x480.

Your videocard based on the NVidia TNT w/16Mb of video memory should work with CMBB. I've tested CMBB on NVidia chips such as the Riva 128ZX with 8Mb and they've worked. However, I have seen certain TNT cards (specifically the NV4 - which isn't indicated by the driver you listed earlier) that aren't supported by some versions of the NVidia Detonators. I beleive some of the newer versions started supporting this chip again, but there was a lapse in the past (somewhere after the early 29.xx's)

I don't know of any easy way to actually remove DirectX since Microsoft doesn't allow its uninstallation. You would have to have had an uninstaller program working in the background during DirectX's install in order to cleanly and easily uninstall whatever previous version of DirectX you had installed. DirectX 9 is somewhat overkill with your installation, but you should be able to leave it as is in this regard.

The 'AGP Texture Accleration' may be grayed out if your card is PCI, which is a possibility.

Which version of Windows are you running ? I've been assuming that it is either Windows 98 or ME.

You need to find out which driver you have. Assuming you're running Win9x/ME go to the Control Panel > System control panel > Device Manager tab > double-click on the 'Display adapters' listing > double-click on the video device that shows here. If you have a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in it, then something is wrong. Click on the Drivers tab > near the top you will be given some info on the driver manufacturer and the date of the driver. Click on the 'Driver Files Details' button and highlight any of the files that end with '.DRV' these will usually be the primary files that will indicate the driver version. When a filename is highlighted above, info will be displayed below relating to that particular file. The File Version info is what we need here.

What I'm guessing here is that you may need to reinstall the video drivers. It's possible, for some reason, that they aren't properly installed and you're not seeing full DirectX support. More than likely you'll need to uninstall the video drivers, delete some files (that the uninstall may not get) and reinstall your video temporarily as a 'SVGA PCI' adapter. Once Windows sees your video card as a standard VGA adapter (which limits the resolution and color depth) then you could reinstall some newer video drivers. I'll probalby need to explain this step-by-step for you later. For now, try to provide the info that I've requested and we'll go from there.

Schrullenhaft and brooktrout,

Thank you both for your help. I ended up going out to Nvidia's website and updated the drivers on the video card. This "unfroze" the Direct 3D Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration tabs and I have successfully installed CMBB and completed my first battle. Thanks again for your help.

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