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any iBook users get TCP/IP play working?


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Have any other players using an iBook been able to get TCP/IP play working?

I just picked up an iBook yesterday and the only thing I have loaded since opening it is Combat Mission and the newest game sprockets.

This is frustrating. I have an iMac and iBook connected via Airport and had a friend over when I bought it. We were getting ready for a CM fest, but I couldn't get IP running at all. Regular CM runs fine, both 1.05 and the beta... both of them.

scott karch

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OK, I am a bonehead. I did not read the instructions and put the additional files into my system folder in the extensions folder instead of the Combat Mission folder like the read me said. So, kiddies, as they say

RTFM (read the "fine" manual) or readme files.

IP works fine now, but I am having problems seeing any text on my screen. It seems that the standard ATI drivers that ship with the new iBooks need some help. I'll post what version of drivers works once I get it going.

scott karch

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Guest Madmatt

Stock Answer to the iMac/G3/G4 text problem:

First is that there is a new Universal Installer

available for Mac installed ATI video cards. That's the good news, the bad

news is in the odd way they have chosen to distribute it. In short, they

haven't, but there are ways to get it and we HIGHLY recommend upgrading any

ATI video card with them. Here is a thread from our Tech Support forum which

goes into detail about how to get them. http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/Forum1/HTML/012650.html

This will fix your problem!


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