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CM lockups - Take 3 or so :)

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Okie dokie - I've had this problem for a while, but hopefully now with 1.1, CM's code will be as final as it's gonna get, so I'd like to take another whack at it. I'm going to be as brief as possible.


At seemingly random moments during gameplay, CM locks up. I can still move the mouse cursor, but I can neither scroll the CM battlefield nor click on any of the units or buttons. If ambient sounds are on, they continue playing. I can neither quit CM normally, alt-tab, ESC, or alt-F4 out of it. The only thing I can do is to restart the computer.

My System

Dell Inspiron 3700 laptop

Celeron 433, 96 mb RAM, Win98SE

ATI Rage Mobility-M1 AGP 2X with 8 mb VRAM

Maestro Direct Sound Driver

DirectX 8.0

Things I've Tried (sorry I couldn't come up with a snappier heading smile.gif)

-Updating my video, sound, and mouse drivers

-Playing CM with sound off

-Playing CM with smoke effects off

-Playing CM under different resolutions

-Changing my default desktop resolution

-Playing different versions of CM

-Using EndItAll to kill programs running in the background before running CM

-Disabling AGP texturing in dxdiag

-Reinstalling Win98

None of these solved my problem. I have had this issue with every version of CM after 1.04. I don't have this problem with any other application. I've tried everything I can think of, except to format c: and rebuild, but that's something I would really rather not do if it's at all avoidable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated smile.gif


Soy super bien soy super super bien soy bien bien super bien bien bien super super

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Guest Madmatt

I have advice but your not going to like it. The Rage Mobility chip has caused us nothing but trouble.

One of the only things I can recommend to reduce (eliminates actually) lockups on some Mobility powered systems is to run CM in software rendering mode. Depending on your processor some people have said that the graphics don't look any different but they are limited to 640x480 resolutions.

You can enable software rendering mode by deleting the Combat Mission Bynd Ovr Prefs file and reloading the game. This will re-start the screen resolution test and you will need to click SKIP until you get to the Software Mode option.

The existing Mobility drivers just don't seem to get along with Direct 3D games very well and that just happens to be what CM is.

I have contacted ATI in the past and they just shrugged their collective tech support shoulders at me. I wish I could give you better news but at this time (and what's odd is its not consistent with all Mobility installed systems) if you are experiencing frequent lockups with the Mobility chip this might be the best way to fix them.

I will keep on the lookout for newer drivers of course or any updated info that might come from ATI.


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Heh, here's a story for you.

About a month after this all started happening, I called ATI's European Tech Support line and told them the problem. Their response was that there were no reported problems with ATI cards running D3D-based games.

I have to wonder what some of these guys get paid for. Oh well.

Thanks for the update, Matt. I've gotten used to playing at 1024x768 so I'll probably try to muddle through, but I appreciate the help smile.gif


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Come on, you want more than an 8MB card anyway... smile.gif

I just bought a Sony Vaaio laptop before Xmas (just before discovering CM) and now I find it has a 6MB video interface. CM works on it, but it's much faster on my (1/2-as-fast Pentium) desktop machine. If I'd only known, I might have bought sonething else...to play CM on airplane flights. biggrin.gif


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8mb cards are pretty much what there is for laptops at the moment. nVidia's scheduled to release their GeForce Go card sometime in the next few months, but it's not out yet. And since the video card on every laptop I can think of is soldered to the motherboard, I'd have to buy a new laptop to get better performance.

Would I like a better computer? Yes.

Can I afford one? No.


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Chupa.. is right! I'm currently looking for a laptop and have search the web for one that will display 3D graphics decently..to no avail. The Geforce2 Go will change things but I can't afford to wait, nor would I be able to afford it if I waited :-(

Say Chupa.!

What kind of performance are you getting anyways? I mean when it's not locking up on you :) Do you have to turn off any effects? And, most important, can you run any mods?

Good luck


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I get decent performance on small to medium maps. Large maps choke up. I've got quite a few hi-res vehicles, and Panzertruppen's buildings, and haven't noticed any slowdowns caused specifically by either of these. My system's fairly decent, it's the video card that's the real bottleneck.

I've been very happy with this computer though. Had it for over a year and I've been able to play most of my games without a hitch. Dell provides excellent tech support, and I've found them generally easy to deal with, so if you're still looking at manufacturers, you might try Dell.

Hope this helps.


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Here's Dell Norway. I don't know if it would save you any money to order from them. Also, the UK website is here.

Keep in mind also that my computer's almost a year old and was fairly inexpensive at the time. I don't recall what I paid, but it didn't break the bank. For the same amount now you should be able to get a considerably better computer - probably a decent P3 with 128mb RAM.


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Thanks a million mate!

I just found a site in the states that sells them. Saves me 485£ compared to here! And that is with 196Mb of RAM and a case, compared to only 64 here, no carrying case!!!!!

Only problem is that the companies have forced the webshops to sign contracts prohibiting them from shipping abroad. In that way they don't ruin their high income markets in places like Norway, where competiton is low.

SIGH! Now I need to find someone in the states who can forward it to me....


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