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Not quite sure what you are saying. I can answer questions about CMMOS 4.03 for CMBO. I also know a little bit about changing the introductory music. It would help if I knew which version you are using (CDV or BFC -- i.e. did you buy it direct or in a store)and whether you're using a Mac or a PC.

I'm just guessing, but are you by any chance having problems getting the game to play different intro music? If so, it helps to toggle off the intro video. You also have to convert MP3 files into wav files with compatible characteristics. [in other words if you're trying to mod the intro music its not all that hard, but a bit more involved than just renaming files]. The music files on the CMHQ site (combatmission.com) are either wav files or are MP3 files that should convert correctly. [if it doesn't convert correctly, it either won't play, or will sound like ueber-hamsters singing in high, squeaky voices, and yes, I did seriously think about doing a total hamster mod for all of about five minutes].

And all bets are off if you're talking about CMBB, CMAK, or the demos.

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