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CMBO lockups and yet another driver question.

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I am running CMBO on a Win98 XP2000+ homebuilt with a ti4200.

Hadn't played in a while. Started a QB, starts ok but locks up my PC totally after a few turns.

Come here, search threads, decide latest NVidia drivers at fault. Spend way too much time cleaning out old drivers, trying new. Settle on 30.82 version.

Start to play old scenario. All is good. Leave computer to attend to some random bleating by girlfriend. Come back 20 minutes later. Totally frozen, have to hard reboot.

Later finish another saved game. Run 30 turns no problemo. Next game, locks.

PC is watercooled. Heat is not a problem. Does not lock up when running Prime 95, Folding at home, or other "burn in" torture test proggies...

Is there a consensus on what is a bulletproof driver for Nvidia cards?

I also did a repair reinstall of CMBO. Did not help. Can anyone think of other things to consider?


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Have you tried disabling any screen savers/virus checkers/etc...? How about reducing desktop resolution to see if the freezing problem goes away? I presume you're running DirectX 9.1? It sounds like a video memory buffer overrun leading to locking. You certain the fan on the ti4200 has clean blades?


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