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Video card upgrade

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Some time ago I posted a question about an upgrade to see fog! Essentially, my problem was having a Compaq :rolleyes: with an Intel 810 graphics chipset :rolleyes: . Many people here and elsewhere thought that would cause a problem of incompatibility.

OK after moving heaven and earth and surfing about the entire internet I finally got a straight answer from Compaq, that most any card should fit in my model (7594) but I have to do a lot of stuff that I will leave to some techie I can find around here.

Question is, is there anymore else I should know, any piece of info you can think of, any warning before I rush to buy a Riva TNT2 Blaster which is at a good price in a local store?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by caralampio:

Question is, is there anymore else I should know, any piece of info you can think of, any warning ...?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>One piece of advice I can think of:

Avoid Compaq computers in the future, if you have any intention of upgrading the hardware later on.

There seems to be a PC standard and a Compaq standard, and those are usually incompatible...

(I think Dell is slightly better than Compaq, in this respect.)



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Guest ckoharik

In my personal experience with Dell is most definitely more compatible with upgrades than Compaq PCs that are targeted towards Home users. Not once have I encountered a piece of hardware that could not be installed into a Dell. Compaq's problem usually was either a BIOS issue or a space issue.

As for the TNT2 card I would say go for it. I used to have a Viper 770 (TNT2 based card) and it performed quite admirably. But, I'd make sure I bought it from somewhere that had a good return policy just in case the compatibility issue rears its ugly head. Also, are you going for a PCI or AGP version? Is there enough space in the case for it? No cables, etc. in the way?

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Try reading the earlier thread on fog posted recently. From what I understand ATI based cards are behind in fog support. While cards with the Nvidia chip will suport fog( I cant say much more..As I'm going over my head..). You can try Anandtech for reviews and post your questions on their forum.

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