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Multi-player games

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I am pretty new to combat mission. I purchased the original CMBO off GOG.com and eventually found my way here hoping for something a little more up to date.

How will we be able to get multi player games? is there a multiplayer game lobby or is it all done with the tcp/ip.

From what I have read the game sounds amazing, looking forward to some good games.

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Hi and welcome!

There are no matchmaking tools included with the game, still Ye Olde tcp/ip. But there are various forums/clubs that cater to getting opponents. I will let someone more knowledgeable on this recommend some as i never made us of them (or have their links handy)

And there is also the Opponent Finder section here on this forum.

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Which despite the address is primarily American. Though not by much over Uk , Australasians, and the EU. A few outliers like Ecudaor etc.. : ) WeboB is not a ladder club its rather more relaxed than that. It does have a sponsorship system to hopefully weed out those who drop games or forget to post for the odd week or two without explanation!

There are other clubs. [who can post for themselves] : )

I am happy to sponsor players.

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