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New file at the Repository: El_Guettar_version_3.rar (2011-04-01)

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El Guettar - A custom map and mission by BroadswordMission description: On 23 March, 1943, the U.S. 1st Infantry Division was dug in east of El Guettar and bracing for an expected counterattack by the German 10th Panzer Division. The American positions were concentrated in the hills east of the oasis town and the Wadi El Keddab, leaving the Highway 15 corridor thinly defended and vulnerable to German attack. Daybreak brought swarms of Stukas and a furious artillery bombardment. Then came GenLt. Freiherr Von Broich's armored spearheads, bristling with more than 50 tanks. Like a creeping steel fortress, the panzers and armored infantry blasted westward through the El Guettar valley. Within an hour, Von Broich had overrun the forward U.S. infantry and artillery units, and was penetrating deep into the American rear area. This battle opens at the critical moment when German spearheads threatened to veer north and rush the gap between the Wadi and Point 336 -- an open door that had to be slammed shut to prevent a repeat of the catastrophic U.S. defeat at Kasserine Pass. The Americans' fate rests with an outnumbered force: a few tank destroyers from the 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion, elements of the 2nd Battalion/16th Infantry, and some exposed gunners from the 32nd Field Artillery Battalion. On the plus side, a U.S. minefield between the barbed wire and the Wadi can help channel the German attack. The full divisional artillery is on call. And Maj. Gen. Terry de...


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To pass the time until the new Combat Mission comes out, I started tinkering around with my El Guettar map and mission for TOW 2 Africa 1943. This time I have a detailed readme that spells out all the installation steps, and it should work. Please visit the repository and give this one a try.

A few screenies to whet your appetites:


Scratch one Stuka -- You've got one Bofors to keep those swarms of Stukas off your troops, so make good use of it!


The Wadi Keddab was the stop-line for Patton's army. Here a GI made the ultimate sacrifice as he machinegunned the crew of a German halftrack that overran his platoon.


While the armor battle is raging, veteran German panzergrenadiers emerge from the smoke and assault the green American infantry in their foxholes (this one was too frightened to throw the grenades he had, cowered in suppression, then jumped up to put up a pretty good hand-to-hand fight. But the German got free, leveled his MP-40, and finished him off with one brutal burst.


Crippled German tanks in the wadi are easy prey for surviving US bazooka teams -- if they can shoot straight!


A long view of the 10th Panzer Division thundering down the valley toward the American last line of defense at El Guettar.

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