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Installing the NATO Module

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hmm, nobody has an answer? :( So I can asume that the latest download for the NATO module is the version 1.31? Iam downloading atm

I found this on the website:

It's not required to own any of the other CMSF modules to enjoy the NATO Module, but you do need to have the base game of CM:SF patched at least to v1.21. It doesn't matter where you purchased CM:SF, CMSF NATO will work with all releases (as long as they are patched to v1.21). You can find the v1.21 patch for all versions here: http://www.battlefront.com/patches

I believe the NATO module is 1.30. If I were you I would wait with downloading the 1.31 there is an annoying equipment bug in 1.31 that affect German units (no Panzerfaust launchers).

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