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jerky graphics and ambient sound


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i have a problem with the graphics in cmbo which seems tied to the ambient sounds in the game. did a search and came up with nothing conclusive.

the graphics hiccup, it seems, every time there is a background explosion in the ambient sounds (not in the game). i'm referring to the explosions which go with the bird chirping noises and have nothing to do with the scenario being played. every time there is a background "boom" (which is about four times a minute, maybe) my graphics stall for a split second.

i'm using a dell, 933mHz, pentium three

running Windows ME

i have a GeForce IV 128mb video card with the most recent drivers

and i'm using a soundblaster live! card with the most recent drivers.

maybe there's no fix for this, but i'm wondering whether this is a common problem i should live with or should keep trying to fix.



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