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Version 1.01.14506 Available


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This update was mostly about a bunch of smaller bugs with the game.

Notable Fixes and Improvements:

- Fixed Bug: Units can now attack stacks of (non-grouped) units

- Fixed Bug: There was a problem that would cause units to rotate incorrectly during game replay

- Forts are created by the random map generator

- Players can now pause production using the City-Build window's "pause production" button

- Added a warning if the player is about to submit a turn, and they need more research orders

- Fixed Bug: Units could see units they couldn't normally see if they were within 4 pixels of the other unit

- Fixed Bug: Sometimes random AI players would use the same flag as another player

- Fixed Bug: the note's meetup times were not displaying correctly

- Fixed a variety of bugs with the aircraft, including:

- - Fixed some display issues with aircraft

- - Fixed a bug in the aircraft paths - if it's setup to move to multiple airbases, the path could get messed up and crash the aircraft

- - Fixed Bug: groups of aircraft wouldn't immediately crash when they ran out of orders

- - Changed the interface to prevent the player from giving movement orders to locations it can't reach


- - Fixed Bug: After a player submitted his turn, other players wouldn't get immediately notified of the turn submission.

- - The event files now contain the name of the game (for easy identification)

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