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Version 1.30 feature list


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Combat Mission Shock Force v1.30 features/changes


o Teams and Squads can share ammo with other members of their immediate formation (usually their platoon).

o Soldiers with movement orders will move before reloading their weapons.

o Area fire orders are immediately canceled when any active member of the firing team/squad enters the target area. This allows for better room-clearing.

o Troops have better discipline sticking to covered-arc orders.

o New animations: idle, aiming, and reloading for ATGM gunners, and idle-prone for riflemen.

o Soldiers won't fire grenade launchers at point-blank range.

o Updated Syrian soldier model.

o Corrected issues with some Syrian soldiers having wrong uniforms.

o Operators of non-deployed man-portable AT-7 and AT-13 ATGMs won't stand up prematurely, and firing "from the shoulder" works properly.

o Fixed a bug that occasionally caused fatigue too rapidly.

o Troops are slightly less likely to use AT weapons versus infantry targets that are not in buildings.

Artillery and Air Support

o All-new Syrian air power: MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-17, Su-21, and Su-25 jets; Mi-24D Hind D and Mi-24P Hind F helicopters; AT-2 Swatter, AT-6 Spiral, AS-7 Kerry, and AS-10 Karen missiles.

o When a support mission is activated, its estimated time of arrival continues to be updated in the Support View as time passes. Note that this is only an estimated time, and the actual arrival can come sooner or later.

o "Light" artillery missions have slower rate of fire.

o Corrected a bug that prevented a few types of blue-force weapons teams from calling in artillery.

o When air support expends its ammo (marked "empty") it also displays "landed" rather than "busy".

User Interface

o Floating icons for units that are not capable of receiving commands (e.g. panicked, destroyed) are partly faded.

o Team weapons that are not deployed, and cannot be fired in that state, show a "Not Deployed" message over the weapon silhouette.

o More descriptive names are shown for ammunition types in common calibers, e.g. "7.62x54R" instead of simply, "7.62mm".

o The morale state of Shaken is highlighted in red (like Panic) instead of yellow, since, like Panic, the unit is out of player control.

o RPK and RPK-74 show the correct green and yellow icons.


o All BMP and BTR series vehicles have passenger firing ports.

o BMP vehicles allow passengers to acquire much of their MG ammo.

o Slight increase to Bradley vehicle armor.

o Fixed a bug that could cause a BMP-2 gunner to reload for too long a time.

o Vehicles create even less dust when driving in wet conditions.


o On-map mortars will fire when given Target Light orders, but at a very slow rate of fire.

o Accuracy of SPG-9 reduced slightly.

o Antipersonnel mines modestly reduced in blast power.

o Updated RPG-16 rocket model.

o Updated M72 LAW model.


o New sound effects for collapsing buildings and walls.

o Sounds for armor penetrations and ricochets by large projectiles are louder.


o Changing door/window layouts on the sides of buildings is easier in the editor 3D preview. When control-clicking buildings, for convenience, door configurations are skipped for upper levels without balconies, except when your camera view is inside the building. This makes it easier to set up "interior" walls between immediately adjacent buildings.

o In the unit editor, when you rename a unit that is not a formation (e.g. squad, vehicle) the name change applies to that unit's leader, not the unit itself.


o Updated TO&E.

o Fixed a PBEM bug that occasionally caused orders to be skipped.

o Corrected a problem that could cause both players to set up in the same zones in a Quick Battle.

o Computer player can set up mines and IEDs better.

o Nonexplosive projectiles hitting dirt at night don't show "sparks".

o Doodads (e.g. grass) are properly darkened when in shadow.

Marines Module Only

o Corrected a gun barrel alignment problem on the T-90 tank.

British Module Only

o Fixed a bug related to British Jackal/WMIK crews and their dismountable heavy weapons.

o Scimitar is more likely to fire APFSDS than HE at a BMP.

o Fixed a bug where a 51mm mortar gunner could switch to his rifle and abandon the mortar unnecessarily.


Changelog for 1.21 (and earlier):


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