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A scare and a couple of questions

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I loaded up the 1.05.1 beta drivers for my Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card a few days ago. Everything seemed to be working well. I'd played CM briefly it ran fine. Last night I decided to see if the new drivers would have an effect on the problems I have with lockups when fog is turned on. I went into a scenarion (St. Annes Chappelle or something) and turned on fog. I almost immediately had a lockup. After rebooting the computer I went back in and turned the weather back off. This is when the scary part happened. The game locked up again. I rebooted and tried again. Another lockup. I tried it in different scenarios to no avail. I deleted my prefs file and that didn't help. I brought in an old copy of a pref file that used to work and that didin't help. I uninstalled and reinstalled the beta drivers and that didn't help. Finally I went back and installed the 1.05 drivers. I noticed the screen was jerky when I went into the game and I remembered to turn off the ambient sound. Everything SEEMED fine after that. I haven't had a chance to play long but I think the lockups are gone again.

Now a couple of questions, I appreciate all the help I've received here and all the work BTS has done but is there anything BTS can do for the players who have problems like mine in a future patch or is the problem so specific to each computer that BTS can't help?

The other question is in regard to the sound files. Since I didn't have a problem with the demo and the only difference between the demo and the game is that the .wavs are 22Hz instead of 44Hz is it possible that if I redid the sounds to be 22Hz that it might help? Is that even possible? and if so what would be the best way to do it?

Gee that was more than a couple of questions wasn't it? Opps another question!


Cardinal Fang

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition!

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