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Can this be a bug too?

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I am referring toall fortifications in operations, but I will write using mines as the example, but it equally applies to pill-boxes, wire, TRPs ets.

I have a lovely operation I've made, and I want the axis player to be able to lay his mines as he sees fit. An operation map is a large map, and only a small part is shown in the battle window during each battle, the rest of the operation map being unaccessible.

Now, I have tried seperating the mines into coloured setup zones that will be revealed in the battle window during the advancement of the operation , but after battle 1, no matter where the mines are put on the operation map in the editor during its creation is where they stay. I can't buy them as reinforcements to come on to the map at a later point either.

I'm stuck, I want to be able to play this game as the allies as well, without knowing where all the axis fortifications and minefields are in advance. It would be a real shame if I were stuck with that as the only option.

I can't seem to rationalise this state of affairs into why this could be so in real life, but I can't.

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