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tanks in houses

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ive noticed my tanks when close to houses either seem to be half in half out of them,ive had a tank traverse its gun through a house,in the villiers bocage scenario,wittmans tank was driving past a house close in i admit but he was that close he was quarter in the house?,ive downloaded patch and mod packs

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I think this is because the tank "Graphic" on the screen is just an abstraction of the real tank. If they didnt do it this way, the computer would have to keep track of every pixel of every vehicle to make sure it didnt touch any other pixel in the game and that would grind our computers down to a crawl with math calculations.

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Guest Scott Clinton

Of course...

Make sure you have your graphics for the units set to "REALISTIC" scale also. smile.gif


Please note: The above is solely the opinion of 'The Grumbling Grognard' and reflects no one else's views but his own.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Carsten:

You are right,

sometimes, when the Tank is fleeing( driving backwards, to escape behind cover) ,it is possible, that the tank drives into a building.

It also happens, when it is destroyed and rolls into one, after being destroyed<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Tanks do not drive, forwards or back, into through or on top of reduced buildings in this game.

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