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What's wrong with this Picture?

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I have seen this several times when playing the Syrians and have wondered much about what it is. Your picture has just tipped me off and I think I know now. This seems to happen when a Platoon HQ unit is destroyed and one of the squads takes over as platoon HQ. The soldiers in the second fireteam are no longer shown in the GUI and their gear (like the RPG) is shown in the equipment box. They are all still active, however - at least as far as I have been able to tell. One of my squads in such a situation has definitely used its RPG in any case. Still, it is an unsatisfactory solution in my opinion.

BFC, please fix or do sumfink!?!

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Hi, Chops

Your very welcome and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

This has been reported previously and I have reposted it in the relevant testers section so we should get some official notification. It does look tho that it is not a bug per se but how the game displays when another squad takes on the mantle of command when it's HQ is destroyed.

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