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New file at the Repository: africa_mp_map_007_Wood (2010-04-29)

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Map "africa_mp_map_007_Wood" for TOW-2 Africa'1943. Version 1.1A new map based on standard TOW-2 map "africa_mp_map_007".Installation.Just copy folder "\maps\africa_mp_map_007_Wood\" from zip archive to folder with your TOW-2 Africa'1943 game.Attention! This map is not properly working with any mods based on static.ini file in "\data\settings\" folder because of many "Cork_Oaks"-trees objects. For a example Tartari's ToW1_Bridges.376.zip mod is not compatible. Also there are a lot of static objects on the map so It may be "freezing".This map is a "test" one for verifying an idea of making "impassable" for tanks woods. On the island two wooded areas have been added. They are not passable for tanks and vehicles, but only for troops. One area is a "Circle Wood" and may be it is an aboriginals old Holy Grove. Another area is a “Big Wood” near the river beach, which is impassable for tanks too.An idea of impassability method belongs to Vyacheslav, 1C designer. Many thanks for him.John Fisher


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