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Search Engine down. Please read and advise

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I am not lying about the search function... tried looking under "tank" just to confirm, and it showed no listings. Anyone think that is accurate?

Anyways, my Bro-in-law is looking at a voodoo3 2000 video card. Any known problems with CM and this card specifically?

Thank you


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Don't know anything about the search function but I do have a Voodoo 3 2000. I have the PCI version of the card. I haven't had much trouble EXCEPT in CM. Then again I also don't play that many other games. I had difficulty getting the drivers to load when I first installed the card but I've had no problem updating the drivers since then. The only other game I play with any frequency is Red Baron 3D. I've had no problem with the Voodoo 3 in that game. I had a lot of problems with CM though. When the search function is back up and running do a search on Cardinal Fang and you'll see that most the messages that made me a member have been on the Tech forum. I can't say the my problem with CM is from the Voodoo 3 since I suspect my sound card has something to do with it too. What seems to have helped is turning off Direct3d in the sound card and turning off the weather in the game. If I play scenario with fog, even though I can see the fog fine, I'll get a lockup. So how's that for a long post that doesn't really tell you anything? :)

But that's my experience with the Voodoo 3.

Cardinal Fang

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition

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