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2nd Brit Scenario - AAR

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Objective: Occupy 'Cyrus' and Touch 'Orontas' by 11.30 a.m. with as few casulaties as possible.

Terrain Features: 'Orontas' - a roadside station probably occupied by the Enemy; 'Cyrus' - entrenched Enemy position protected by heavy weapons; Dry Lake Bed; Jabal at Tanf Hill; an unnamed low ridge running North from the Hill and offering some meagre cover.

Plan: At the start of the scenario, I feel my forces are too weak to achieve even a probe along the road to 'Orontas'. The idea is to await reinforcements, then set up a base of fire and OP on Jabal at Tanf Hill and see what happens.

1030: Dismount Inf. and units fan out in a broad semi-circle. Idea is to 'go firm' and await reinforcements.

1040: My Javelin team (1 Det. under Cpl O'Brien) spot an enemy tank at 'Orontas' and take it out with little fuss. Reinforcements arrive and they are filtered North to the Hill, using the reverse slope as cover. C2 units occupy the buildings there. Vague Enemy movements are discerned to the far West. It seems they are moving in a northerly direction to defend the perimeter of the Dry Lake Bed.

1050: Enemy units continue to concentrate on the edge of the Dry Lake Bed. Left to our own devices, we probe North from the Hill, using the reverse slope of the low ridge as cover. The technique is: Inf. dismount and move behind vehicles. Vehicles advance by 'leap-frogging', cautiously advancing by turns. Heavy MGs and a tank are spotted on 'Cyrus'. The tank is attacked by an AT team, causing it to retire. As soon as off-map gunnery is available, this tank is taken out.

1100: Units continue to advance North with caution. As Enemy is moving North, so we are attempting to outflank him, covered by the low ridge. As the Enemy concentrates, our off-map gunnery will take a heavier toll - and so we let him complete his movements.

1110: Air support and off-map gunnery is called in to pound the perimeter of the Dry Lake Bed, as well as 'Cyrus'. Our flanking maoeuvre is almost complete. Very few postive Enemy contacts - lots of Question Marks.

1120: Fire Missions continue as our units swing West, advancing very cautiously almost up to the brow of the low ridge. Units are now flanking 'Cyrus'.

1125: Fire Missions are cancelled as time is running out. Vehicles execute a fast general advance over the ridge and into the Enemy's flank. Inf. advance in support under cover of smoke. Now most Enemy positions are revealed and quickly suppressed. A recce party storms 'Orontas', taking out Enemy RPG units.

1130: Vehicles now move onto 'Cyrus' as Enemy resistance crumbles. Infantry are advancing to occupy 'Cyrus' when time limit is reached.

Result: Tactical Victory. Points: 587. 'Orontas' successfully touched. But 'Cyrus' not occupied. Also, we had a negative result on Enemy casualties.

That said, we accounted for 82 Enemy KIA, 23 WIA, 31 MIA and we knocked out two tanks. Our own casualties were 1 KIA, 2 WIA, 2 vehicles lost.

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