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New file at the Repository: balance_mod 129 (2009-10-04)

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Features:* New balanced costs for all units.* Tracks and wheels are stronger now.* New units added: - Churchill NA 75, Valentine IX and Matilda II infantry tanks - Bishop SPG - StuG 40F/8 SPG (the forward armor 50+30=80mm) - 17 pdr Pheasant ATG - Faustpatrone team (multiplayer only) - PIAT team (multiplayer only) - Ranger team armed with 7,62mm Johnson - British commandos - Fallschirmjager with FG.42 - Bren and Browning MG infantry teams - Boys ATR team* The magazines capacity corrected for the German 20mm Flak38 and 20mm Kwk38 cannons.* The ammoload of ATR PzB.39 corrected from 10 to 50.* Texture smoothing on tanks and flaks in close view disabled.* The machinegunner of BMW or Hanomags now armed with MG34, not with the rifle.* New MP missions "Thala", "Kasserine", "Sidi N'Sir" added.* In all MP missions: - increased tanks, cars and infantry permissions. - the Italian armies added. - the number of the players increased up to 8. - the recapture time in CTF missions increased from 5 to 15 min - added Sdkfz250, Sdkfz232, motorcycle, artillery to the German reserves. - added different cars and infantry detachments to all sides. (over 10 units existed in the game but were not used). - a little bag fixed: an Italian ATR team - the 4th member had no any weapon in all missions. - some of the flags moved to a key places. - some of the spawn points moved to a places where the armies don't see each other.The original MP mission...


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