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Shock Force Draw Distance

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Hello! New to the forums, veteran of the older Combat mission games.

I'm having a spot of trouble with the Combat mission Shock Force (Paradox version) and was hoping that someone has an idea as per what to do. I have already installed the latest update, and when i check for updates, the website tells me that the game is up to date.

The the terrain texture changes to black a certain distance from the camera. By fiddling with the graphics settings (ALL of them, altering the 3D Texture quality has yielded minor results) I've sometimes managed to make the distance of the normally drawn terrain texture to cover most of the first campaining mission map. On other occasions, the distance is about ten meters. The distance to the black texture also changes some times when moving the camera around. (I tried to get a screenshot, but print screen + paint shop pro gives me a black image altogether)

Any ideas? If you guys need any more info about anything, ask away.

I got this game to work on my old PC, loved it, and would now like to get it working again. Any and all help is extremely welcome.


GeForce 8800GT

3Gb RAM (DDR2 800Mhz)

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500

Asus P5K Motherboard

OS: Vista Ultimate 32bit

Thank you, in advance, for all replies.


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Seem to remember others reporting this problem. Think the consensus was a re-install plus making sure patches are applied in order solved the problem.

mikeCK started a thread on a similar issue entitled "black terrain". Try searching for it on this forum (sorry, do not know how to paste the link here).

Of course, checking the latest drivers are installed is also a good idea. Finally, try changing the resolution to a non-widescreen mode (e.g. 1024 x 768) and see if you still have the issue. If no, you can play with graphic settings.

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