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Version 1.21 feature list

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v1.21 features


  • Soldiers on rooftops receive better cover.
  • Speed difference between Fast and Quick moves is slightly increased.
  • Soldiers tire more quickly moving across difficult terrain or in very hot weather.
  • Split teams that are in close proximity but on different vehicles will not attempt to join.
  • Teams that rejoin will retain the target orders of one of the teams instead of erasing them all.
  • Buddy-aid will not pick up heavy weapons from a different Team.


  • Passengers manning a vehicle weapon may use it even if the crew has bailed out.
  • Top gunner in a Humvee can use a personal weapon if his vehicle-mounted weapon is out of action.
  • Vehicles do a better job using alternate crew to replace MG gunners who become casualties.
  • Tanks won't waste APFSDS ammo on lightly-armored targets when alternative ammo is available.
  • Refinements to vehicle damage from mines.
  • Added radio to UAZ vehicle.
  • Bradley IFVs and CFVs carry some 40mm grenades for their passengers.
  • Vehicles move more smoothly in PBEM and hotseat replay.


  • Times to set up SPG-9 and most ATGMs are reduced.
  • Powerful projectiles like sabot can penetrate trees and be slightly deflected rather than stopped.
  • Heavy weapons set up near the edges of buildings won't drop to the ground after an explosion.
  • Corrected a small problem where automatic weapons had a pause between the first and second rounds that was slightly longer than it should have been.
  • MGs on bipods are a bit more stable than before.
  • Corrected a rare instance where ATGMs could fly too low and hit the ground when they should not.


  • Roads are smoother when traversing rough ground or steep slopes.
  • Large rocks (flavor objects) are more of a deterrent to navigate over.
  • Flavor objects tilt to fit slopes when necessary.
  • Trees are less resistant to damage from heavy artillery.


  • Updated behavior for artillery/air support time-to-target. Conventional Red formation leaders are now allowed to call in artillery from batteries at battalion level or below (e.g. light mortars).
  • Corrected some issues affecting artillery arrival time after target adjustment.
  • Corrected the display of artillery mission type in PBEM games.
  • Artillery battery and aircraft pilot voices use the correct nationality when they differ from that of the spotter.

User Interface

  • Troops may be given simultaneous Hide and Face commands, but changing facing often requires a soldier to change position slightly, during which time he will not be "hiding".
  • When acquiring missiles from a vehicle, it is now possible to take the last missile without its reloadable launcher (e.g. Javelin).
  • "Scenario Author Test" may be selected as a Skill Mode (1-player only). It will cause all enemy units to be fully displayed to the player, but not additionally "known" to player's troops.


  • AI Plan #0 can be deactivated in the editor provided at least one other plan is active.
  • In the map editor, some buttons were shifted from "Flavor Objects #1" to "Flavor Objects #2".
  • Corrected some small issues with elevation controls in the editor.


  • Large saved games that take longer to load do not advance the game clock in the process of loading.
  • Corrected a slow framerate problem on the first PBEM turn.
  • Small bullets kick up a tiny bit of dirt and dust when they hit ground.
  • Computer-player air strikes aim at smaller areas, reducing friendly fire.
  • Corrected a problem where some ATGM teams would appear to leave their ATGM launcher temporarily behind when embarking on a vehicle.
  • Corrected a problem that caused the turn-based computer player sometimes not to dismount troops fully when instructed by the scenario AI plan.
  • Corrected a PBEM synchronization problem caused by saving and reloading the game.

Marines Module Only

  • US Marines sometimes have M203 grenade launchers instead of M32, especially at lower Equipment Quality settings.
  • Added US Marine Mk11 sniper rifle (equivalent to Army M110).
  • The US Marine sergeant in the scout team wears infantry gear, not vehicle crew gear.

British Module Only

  • Jackal GMG (aka grenade launcher) can now be found in the Fire Support Section of the British Infantry Rifle Company, when the equipment rating is good (otherwise they get a WMIK).
  • Loader on Challenger 2 Enhanced will not reload the top-deck MG unless ordered to unbutton.
  • Warrior has slower (hand-cranked) gun elevation.
  • Gunner in LMTV will use his personal night-vision gear when appropriate.
  • LMTV carries more passenger weapons and ammunition.
  • British Engineer Troop has 3 TUM ST vehicles, not 6.
  • Corrected a problem with a US IBCT soldier carrying a British rifle.

v1.20 features


  • Infantry on rooftops are easier to spot.
  • Soldiers will not move into or out of a building, nor up or down a level in a building to perform "buddy aid".
  • Demo charges will be used by the TacAI (automatically) against bunkers at very short range if no grenades are available.
  • Mine marking works properly.
  • Soldiers are pre-boarded onto their vehicles when first "deployed" in the editor, or in a Quick Battle.
  • Aiming time is slightly increased for targets roughly 50-200m distant.
  • Weapons teams won't recombine into a squad when their heavy weapons are lost.
  • Some new animations.
  • Forward observers are less likely to use their sidearms.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause troops to move across "missing" upper levels of destroyed buildings.
  • US M240 gunner does not ignore facing orders when using the bipod.
  • Doors to roofs of immediately adjacent buildings can be moved through correctly.
  • US Army specialist rank icon shown when appropriate (instead of corporal).


  • Fire-on-the-move accuracy is improved for modern vehicles.
  • Vehicle crew morale suffers more when the vehicle receives internal damage.
  • Increased armor thickness of turret sides of Abrams tanks.
  • Night vision corrected for M1046 Humvee.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a quick burst of unrealistically high rate of fire from a weapon mounted on a moving vehicle.
  • Vehicle crew "up top" as gunners or in open hatches have a more natural pose.
  • Vehicle crews may "bail out" in the setup phase.
  • Vehicle doors don't open too far.
  • Static tanks can change facing in the setup phase.
  • Vehicle radios are more easily damaged by external hits (i.e. on the antennae).
  • Fixed a "jittery gunner" problem related to vehicles using covered arcs.
  • Unbuttoned vehicle passengers, and passengers of unarmored vehicles are not overly vulnerable to explosions, especially mines.
  • Driver casualty is replaced by an able crewman (if available) in the BRDM-2 and MTVR.
  • Antipersonnel mines are not overly damaging to vehicles.
  • "Target Light" is active for BTR-60, BRDM 2.
  • Corrected a bug that caused vehicle-mounted autocannon to cause too much recoil.
  • Vehicle crews bailing out in turn-based replay animate correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with popping smoke from an LAV-C2.
  • T-55MV is less resistant to Javelin hits.
  • Explosion damage to vehicle tracks is calculated with improved precision.
  • These vehicles no longer automatically button up even when under heavy fire: MTVR trucks, Humvees, and pickup trucks.
  • M707 top hatch animates correctly.
  • Strykers carry more ammo for passengers.
  • Taxi holds 5 men, not 4.
  • Armed pickup trucks hold 4 men, not 3.


  • Slightly increased practical rates of fire (ROF) for "LMG"-type weapons: RPD, RPK, RPK-74, M249 SAW.
  • Mk19 and AGS grenade launchers have increased cyclic ROF, but practical ROF is largely unchanged.
  • Hand grenades can bounce a little on the ground before exploding and will occasionally airburst.
  • Lethality of large HEAT warheads vs. armored vehicles reduced slightly.
  • Coaxial MGs have increased max range of 1500m.
  • IED Mines are more likely to explode.
  • Artillery impact pattern is more oval-shaped, especially for low-trajectory weapons.
  • Rockets have slightly reduced shrapnel effects.
  • TOW launcher deploys correctly.
  • Heavy weapon "parts" (like a tripod) are not lost between battles in a campaign.
  • ATGMs aim better at hull-down vehicles. But they will still sometimes "hit the dirt" in front of a hull-down vehicle or miss just overhead. It is intentional for this to happen some of the time.
  • Helicopters launch weapons from higher elevations when required to engage a target in a valley.
  • Javelins orient properly during final descent.
  • When Javelins fail, it's not always at the same (very early) point in the launch sequence.
  • Small model fix for M16 with mounted M203.
  • Fixed a problem with small-arms accuracy at extremely close range.

Computer Player

  • Computer player moves its troops faster in turn-based mode, to better match its behavior in real-time mode.
  • Computer player does not change unit facing in the setup phase (although it may change its position).
  • Computer player is smarter about how it faces troops when arriving at a "plan" destination.
  • When instructed to set up on the roof, the computer player will adhere fully to that instruction rather than also randomly placing a few units on the top floor.
  • Mines and IEDs pay attention to AI setup plans, except when it's "Group 1" (the default) and that group contains both mines and regular troops. This protects old scenarios from redeploying mines and mixing them in with positions of friendly troops.

Fog of War

  • Muzzle flame, smoke and dust from enemy weapons, dust and exhaust from enemy vehicles, and shell casings are displayed only if the enemy unit is currently spotted by at least one of your soldiers.
  • "Camera shake" obeys Fog of War.

User Interface

  • Special equipment icons display their names when under the mouse cursor.
  • Pop Smoke will not execute until any existing Face command is completed. This gives you more flexibility to "aim" defensive smoke, especially in turn-based mode, by preceding it with a Face command.
  • Floating icons briefly blink for friendly units that take casualties.
  • The icons of all group-selected units light up to make it more clear that they're ready to receive orders as a group.
  • New floating icons for sniper and grenade launcher teams.
  • Ammo bars include ammo already loaded into soldiers' weapons.
  • Ammo counts for heavy weapons update correctly in replay.
  • Abbreviated formation names in the chain-of-command display are more readable.
  • Soldier "types" displayed on the left side of the screen (in green, showing current actions) are more accurate for soldiers inside vehicles.
  • Artillery and Air Strike lines and circles look more distinct when selected.
  • Smoke launchers that have run out of ammo will be shown in gray in the vehicle systems damage list (in the same way that unloaded weapons are).
  • "CO" and "XO" text labels are replaced by "star" icons.
  • Coaxial MGs are listed as "Coax" in the vehicle systems list.
  • The "acquire" popup menu is better-organized.

Campaign Game

  • When a campaign scenario is updated, you can "import" your current progress from a saved game into the new scenario. Steps:

1. Update CMSF to v1.20.

2. Using v1.20 or later, save your current campaign between battles - from the point just after you dismiss the end-of-battle screen. Importing will not work for saves made at any other point.

3. From the main intro screen, start a New Campaign, and select the updated version of the campaign you want to use. HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY as you click the OK button.

4. Immediately an "import" screen will appear. You'll see your saved game here. Select it, click OK, and then things proceed as normal. The game does the best it can to match battle history and core units from your saved game to the new version of the campaign, but if the author has made major changes then this will be difficult, so the whole process of importing works best when updates to the campaign are relatively small ones.

  • (For campaign authors) Campaign scripts can specify a minimum and maximum overall campaign victory level in the entry for any battle that ends the campaign. Normally, to signal the end of a campaign, the [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] and/or the [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] fields are left empty. However, any of the following list of keywords can optionally be entered there instead, signalling both the end of the campaign and either a minimum required overall campaign victory (if following [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN]) or a maximum allowed victory (if following [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE]). This is most useful for "early ends" to campaigns where you want the final score to reflect the fact that the campaign ended early more than the success or failure of each battle along the way. Note that each keyword must start with an underscore.

◦ _total defeat

◦ _major defeat

◦ _tactical defeat

◦ _minor defeat

◦ _draw

◦ _minor victory

◦ _tactical victory

◦ _major victory

◦ _total victory


  • Corrected various Quick Battle problems including an issue where the player would switch sides at game start.
  • "Dust" from explosions, gunfire, etc. tends to last longer before dissipating.
  • Syrian Unconventional forces add a Forward Observer Spy.
  • When you reload a campaign game that was saved between battles, you are given the chance to choose real-time or turn-based modes.
  • LOS from building to building is blocked at steep vertical angles.
  • Corrected a problem with setting elevations in the editor where "white" elevations could receive unpredictable values.
  • Enemy minefields and IEDs are displayed in end-game map review.
  • Scenario max time limit is 4 hours.
  • New brick building facade texture set.
  • ATGMs no longer have "rotation creep" after successive deployments in the editor.
  • Program startup is faster.

British-Module Only

  • On-map mortars can area-fire at unseen locations a little beyond LOS-blocking obstacles provided the obstacles are not too tall.
  • Bulldogs and Warriors have IED-jamming ECM.
  • British FBCB2 is called VUDT.


Changelog for versions up to 1.11:


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