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1937 – 45 East Asia, version 1.01, Changes

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Just uploaded to Battlefront Repository.


1937 – 45 East Asia, version 1.01, Changes

- Created a barrier on the map so USA can’t be attacked (Scott M.).

- Lowered Japanese human at start and increased AI unit scripts to increase play balance during Human/AI games (Scott M.).

- Added 3 USA air units (Scott M.).

- Increased USA Industrial Modifier to 55% (Scott M.).

- Removed Wengate from HQ force pool (Bill R.).

- Added full names for the KMT and CCP Chen HQ’s (Bill R.).

- Adjusted USA at start research levels (Bill R.).

- Corrected Indian unit labeling (Bill R.).

- Added a Japanese offensive script for the invasion of Burma (Louie M.).

- Fixed the victory conditions script (Louie M.).

- Fixed the blank decision event (Louie M.).

- Lowered Japanese Industrial Modifier to 30%.

- Fixed Lanchow supply script.

- If Indochina surrenders prior to 1940, the Indochina decision event will not run.

- If Japan attacks Indochina independently of the 1940 decision event, the USA and the UK will move very close to war with Japan.

- The IJN Indian Ocean decision event will not run unless the British and the USA are at war with Japan.

- Free Communist Chinese Units script added.

- Japanese capture of Paotow moves the Communist Chinese toward war with Japan.

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