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Dear All after a long time out of the game i am back.

I have a good idea for a global scenario for SC2 v 1.09.

It is modern warfare and it will cover a possible 3 world war event starting from Terrorist acts and Korea continuous aggression in testing nuke arsenal.

Shall i bother make this scenario in standart SC2 or should i buy any new version of the game in order to please more people that bought the expansions?

So far i have created the map, the countries and the units.

In the next step i will make the flags and the AI scripts.

I await your input.



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Hi Sidius

Welcome back.

I would make it in the Patton Drives East (PDE) engine. PDE (unlike WaW) has the decision event scripts that make for great game play. Although Pacific Theater is newer, it does not have as many countries that PDE has.

But, it is up to you. If you only have WaW, I will play your game!


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I was working on a World War III mod about two months ago, until I lost all my files which gave me the easy decision to forget about the doing the mod until I get a new computer. I was doing the mod with Patton Drives East. The game would basically start after an aerial bombardment of Iran by Israel. This would basically start World War III, and I was going to concentrate the scenario mostly on the Middle East and the European Theatre...the sides were going to be Russia and Iran versus the USA and Israel...other countries would take sides as the war progressed. I would be interested in playing your mod once complete. Good luck!

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Hello all, sorry for keeping you waiting.

I will now give you some inside info about the mod.

Although i build it up for the basic game, i will be able to transfer the main map and the basic units and countries to the updates of this wonderful game.

My scenario goes as below.

Stage 1

Terrorist attack NY.

Terrorist attack SF bridge

Terrorist attack and kill Pakistan president.

Terrorist attack Russian gas pipes that fuels Europe.

Korea nuke tests end up in tragety when it hits close to a US carrier along with escord.

Stage 2

Retaliation movements.

Although wars are not declared the various countries make proper moves.

As turns pass by European countries start to loose PP

A series of bomb attacks in the States force USA to bring back most of their assets for home defence.

Stage 3

Terrorists attack Israel

Israel retaliates and declare war on neibours in order to get the terrorists.

Egypt,Iran,Irak declare war on Israel.

After the above i will have some extra work to do about the units. I hope i will find some better figures or fix the ones i have.

Your thoughts and ideas would be very much appreciated.



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Depending on the year, you may want to have Iraq and Egypt allied with Israel, considering that the United States invaded Iraq, and Egypt is on Israel's good side (at the moment) and allied to the West so to speak like Saudi Arabia and Jordan are. If Israel is attacked, it would have to be a very large terrorist attack for them to declare war on all their neighbors. I think you could create an interesting situation by having them fight Iran and Syria, plus you could throw in Hezbollah from Lebanon. The United States would get caught up in this war also, considering they have troops based in Iraq and Kuwait. So if Iraq declared war on Israel, they would also have to deal with the U.S. troops in country.

Where the "terrorists" located, and how does Russia and China fit into the scheme of things?

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The mod will deal with two major threats together on a single map.

The two "Axis of evil" will not have somethign in common but they will have common enemies.

The one incident will take place as terrorist attacks at Israel and the States the second will be a country based enemy. Starting from Koreas aggresion with nukes ending with Chinas involvment bringingtroops close to Korea.

Then the domino effect of the USA strategic bombing of Nuke factories in Korea and the mishap of a trementous explosion of 2 factories destroying a large portion of Korea and a vast number of chinas troops.

This will send china into a berserk mode.

Russia will be nutral with all.

The terrorist are not of one faction, it will be like a global terrorist cell.

We will have the terrorists ,as a military force, against Russia, Usa,Pakistan,Israel.

The terrorists as a hide in city force that will attack England,France,Spain and in general all the countries that have added military moves against selected countries like ,Afganistan,Irak.

In africa there are going to be dictatorships rise to the event.

It is mostly a domesday senario where the world in general is in turmoil.

Where the various organisations like NATO will start to break up because of the constant terrorist aggression. and the initial hopeless effords to keep stability.

The main event and the first turn of the actual place will start on the day of the meeting of all the G7 meeting at NY where a terrorist attack will take place killing all the powerful leaders of the world. It is going to have wonderfull prewar events that will put the player into the mode of global chaos.


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