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Did someone play the browser game of TOW2 already?


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Doesn't work for me. Left mouse does nothing. Even when I pick German, Italian or American, the game picks a side for me. The tanks just drive on their own to whatever base is closest, and then, despite not seeing a single enemy tank, it says I LOSE the game.




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@ Gpig

I experienced the same ... at least untill I read the manual.

Getting some exercise and it becomes easy :)

basic: You control bases, not units.

bases constantly produce units (up to their size e.g. 5, 10, 15, 25, 100)

Aim of the game is to control all of the bases on the map.

3 parties: You, Your enemy and neutral

1st mission: After coosing a nation you usually start in the base located in the upper left corner of the map.

Point Your mouse over that base (showing the nation You choose) press the left mousebutton and drag the mouse in a direction to any other base on the map.

A blue arrow should appear and point to the enemy or neutral base You want to conquer. - RELEASE the mousebutton and units (tanks) start to move in that direction.

They fight any enemy units they encounter on their own untill they reach their desteny.

Then its up to the amount of tanks, indicated by a number over the tank, versus the number of tanks stationed in that base. If Your force is greater in numbers You take over that base ant it starts to produce units for You - so You can carry on to the next base.

You will see. - it's definitly fun :)

Hope that helped!

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