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No Chance to install my License Key


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I bought TOW2 today.

Unfortunately, there is no Chance to install my License Key. I get a "-3 Error on license servers" Failure.

I have no Proxy Server, and i stoped all Port Blocking. NO Firewall was present, while i was trying to install my License Key!

Internet is working fine and i never had some Problems with activating Games or something else.

Please help me, because i bought TOW2 not for this Kind of Problems......



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Apologies for this. Unfortunately eLicense has decided to run a scheduled maintenance yesterday and has notified us only a few hours in advance. This means that some keys have not been properly registered in the licensing database and need to be entered manually. Matt is working his butt off to register all key as the moment. If you run into this kind of error, or the more frequent 501 error, please submit a ticket at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk.

We're hoping to have all keys entered shortly.

Sorry again for the inconvenience!


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