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report of the MP tournament


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As far as I know, this a state of the tournament :

We have 3 complete pools :

Pool 1 (French language)

Tartar (FFL) Panzermause Arzok (39-45) Sgt Chaudart

Pool 2 (French language)

Stimo (FFL) Stofa Sire.Gauvain Major421

Pool 3 (Russian language)

Andrey - Sergey - PG monstre - Victor

One more pool to be confirmed :

Pool 4 (english language, europe)

ColdFire (TBC) Gnasher (TBC) Crazyman Alan123

We are trying to make an US pool :

eniced73 Jedi pilot (TBC)

And we are two more players interested

For the tournament, 6 missions has been played. And more this WE...

The result will be shown here :

r├ęsultat : http://www.39-45strategie.com/Arbre-des-pa...ats.5913.0.html

Don't hesitate if you want to play wih us, it will be with great pleasure ! :)

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