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AAR Hannut - Tournament


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This is my AAR of my first battle for the tournament !

First, here it is my posittion. I sent my Panhards to the village (left side, with the flag), and most of my tanks.

A small group of 5 S35 is climbing the small hill in order to dominate my ennemy.


But my ennemi (Panzermause) had the same idea, with much more tanks


The struggle is terrible !

My 5 S35 are quickly destroyed


At the same moment, the struggle for the village began.

Panzermause take a feet in the village just before me, the main struggle began.


One after the other, I destroyed his tanks

And took the village, and "hunter" all the german soldiers

But the PIIIs that where on the hill are coming !!! (at the right)


I had just 5 S35 immobilized to stop this counterattack.

One minute left ! I had just 1 operationnal S35, and 2 others immobilized with less than 10 AP round.

And one more PIV is coming by the rear of the village

One AP in the engine !

The victory is for me ? The last PIII is trying a rush, but was destroyed by my S35

Excellent mission. That was well balanced, I finished with just one operationnal S35

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