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License Key Error

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Got a new computer...loaded CMSF from the disk ...loaded Marines from the disk...loaded 1.11 patch...Started game and it asked for the license key...I tried the key for both Marines and CMSF and got a error code = 501 ...saying the the license key was not found on the server. Can I get some help please? Thank you.

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The best place for getting help quickly is mentioned at the top of this page :)

Anyway, a 501 error usually means either a typo when entering the key, or that you're entering a key for the wrong game. In your case, I bet that you have either:

- downloaded the base game patch and are trying to activate it with your base game key


- vice versa :)

Make sure you download the Marines patch and are using the Marines key.


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No I am using the license key that was sent with my confirmation of purchase of the base game. What should my sequence?


install Marines

install 1.11 patch for both?

I have also tried install CMSF then use the license key for it before installing Marines. I have a license key for both.

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The Helpdesk at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk explains in detail how modules work regarding patching and installation, but I'm happy to paraphrase what it says there:

If you have Marines you do not need to patch CMSF at all ever again, because the module patch takes care of it. You also do not need the base game license anymore (ever) because the module license key takes precedence.

The sequence is:

Install CMSF

Install Marines

Install 1.11 for Marines (ONLY)

License using the Marines key (only) - you do not need the base game key anymore.



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