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I can't use captive unit in next mission?

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I can't use captive unit in next mission? I'm only remove soldier on captive unit

You can use "captured" equipment of any type in the next mission however by simply editing the following mission in the “TOW Mission-Campaign Editor" and either

- add the captured material to Your own force pool / reserves and edit "backpack" settings (You can fix type and amount of ammo that way) Do not forget to adjust the total number of acquisition points. (Using this method you can carry over surviving material to the next missions) or

- add a third (neutral) army to the next mission - containing the captured equipment - without any crew. Take care of the "backpack"-settings and place it close to your staging area and crew it later at the beginning of the mission. Be aware of the fact that the crew needs to have a decent skill level (gunning and driving) to be able to operate the equipment.

(Using this method You can NOT carry over surviving material to the next missions - the rules of the manual apply - it is just treated by the game as any ordinarily captured mat. during the mission)

Captured equipment will retain the insignia of their "original" owner however e.g.

French tanks used by the Germans will retain their original French insignias / German tanks used by the Soviets will retain their German insignias - unless you go into modding.

You can create Your own campaigns that way.

That is one feature of the game that I LOVE :) it is very adjustable - and You can be very creative designing your own missions and campaigns and changing the existing ones.

Try out and have fun!

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