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Charge of the tank-crew brigade

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Noticed this quirk in debouche to distaster. When a vehicle is destroyed, its crew continue to follow the same AI plan as when they still had a vehicle. In this scenario this meant that while most of the AI infantry were pulling back to defend the objective, the tanks were moving forwards to enagage me. And when crews survived their tank getting destroyed, they continued the charge forwards on foot, rushing forwards out of cover into the open to get slaughtered.

Certainly not a game breaker, but a suggestion (for the loooong list) that maybe vehicle crews, when their vehicle is toast, should adopt the AI plan of the nearest non-vehicle crew infantry unit? (Assuming that is something easy to code...)

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If i remember well, we had the same kind of problem with the old engine.

BFC team found a solution at that time to avoid the use of tank crews like infantry. I had to find my old CMBO manual to find the right words : those units are considered broken and they have a "!" maker beside the tag. Those units are permanently rattled : so they have much more time to recover from panic,

and they usually run farther away from the fight.

I believe that this could be done with the new engine. In QB, i often see tank crews attacking my position before infantry. I guess that they are not supposed to engage combat except if they are attacked and that they are too precious to be used like this. When you escape from a burning tank, you are shaken and i doubt that you are ready to assault ennemy position.

So i suggest to consider that they are broken and that they only fight for self defence. I think this should be the case for all the vehicle crews when the vehicle is destroyed.

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