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Can't Download saved scenario

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I tried to search to see if this has been asked earlier, sorry if this is repetitive.

I just spent hours researching a map from primary sources, saved the file, then went in to play the scenario. I saved the game, using the same name I gave the scenario.

Now when I try and open the scenario in the editor, it won't let me! Is there any way I can retrieve the map, or is it lost to me forever???

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Thanks MadMatt - so what you're telling me is that I cannot save games using the same name that I gave them when I created them.

This seems like a bug to me! Had I known, I would not have named my save game file - I just thought it an easy way to remember it.

Is there ANY way to extract the map from the cmb file that my now finished game is saved as?

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Guest Madmatt

It's not a bug, it just common file naming sense.

But if you really want to use the same file name in the future then do this:

You need to place YOUR original battle in the Scenario folder and not the Saved Games folder. That seems to be where your problem was.

When you save the battle in progress you should be able to use the same name as it will place it into the Saved Games folder.

You might want to at least add the turn number or something to the filename, just to be safe.

You can not edit anything from a in-progress save game. So if you overwrote the original scenario with your saved game it is basically now gone.


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