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Patching difficulty

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So my father has ToW but he does not have high speed internet and therefore no way to DL the uber patch without the internet disconnecting. So I DLed the patch for him and put it on a USB. I then transfered it to his comp. When I click on the file i get nothing. When I click on the program that runs the file I get a Win32 error. The interesting part is that the patch is not winzipped therefore there is no reason the file should not execute and begin the patch installation. When will you game manufacturers get it through their stupid heads that not everyone has high speed internet and provide a easy option of transfering files from one comp to another. Battlefront your customer service is beyond awful, you need a tech support hotline. I have told my father to give up on your company because of this and he has every Combat mission and ToW. Its pretty pitiful that your loyal customers have to jump through all these hoops for something as simple as a patch.

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