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New USMC Scenario - Breakout!

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I've uploaded a scenario to CMMODs called "Breakout". It requires the USMC module but the US side is "Stryker" infantry. The Syrian side is primarily Airborne (although some Special Forces - representing attached Battalion-level teams - are also present).


It's a Blue vs. AI only scenario for now and only has one AI plan but I've tried to make it as tough for the Americans as possible. I hope someone will give it a try and post here what they think of it.


Cpl Steiner

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Just played it thrue, 12 WIA and 9 KIA along with 2 strykers lost thanks to ATGM...

Good scenario, but a bit to obvius terrain. (It was to easy to figure out where the enemy would be and what approaches I needed to take)

I didnt get any steel from above on me, but I guess thats due to the stupid 1/2 game time before AI using arty thingy.

I would remove one of the A-10s, right now it turned to easy when they arrived. Maybe remove the A-10s alltogether and replace the MGS platoon with M1s instead? forcing you to fight for it instead of just call in the Air Force dudes and then sit back?

I dont know, just my opinion. Nevertheless its a good scenario and thanks for uploading it! :)


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Just played it thrue, 12 WIA and 9 KIA along with 2 strykers lost thanks to ATGM...

Good result! I confess I found it a lot tougher when I playtested it. Admittedly it's pretty obvious where the enemy is likely to be but I thought A-10s, MGSs and 81mm mortars were pretty low-powered compared to some of the stuff you could be given - especially M1s!

Thanks for your comments and I'll playtest it some more to see what can be done to make it harder.

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You got mail on how to make it harder ;)

about the M1, my idea was to remove the MGS and the A-10s and replacing with M1 because the ATGM can kill the M1 fairly easy and the M1 have to show themself to be able to engage, wich the A-10 dont... so the M1 is "lossable" while the A-10s arent. but thats just an idea. great scenario anyway :)

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