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Not sure if anyone is bothered anymore..


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..But I still play SC1 a lot.

I edited the SC1 1939 campaign a while back to make it more historically accurate, but still balanced. The allies will get a thrashing in the beginning, but the Krauts will find it, like in history, hard to cross the channel into England without some serious strategic thinking, or perhaps delaying their Eastern war.

Thus England will more than likely win the 'Battle of Britain'.

Click to download

I have the main Fighter, Coastal & Bomber commands of Britain.

I have three Gruppes of the Luftlotte, Luftwaffe & the W.A.A for the Krauts.

Added the Bismark with 2.0 experience, being the Kraut flagship in the game, and at malta HMS Aspen, with 2.0 experience, being a King George V Battleship at its height of power.

Added two Waffen-SS corps with 2.0 experience to give the Krauts a head start, and added the British Expeditionary Forces of I, II & III corps. Being a territorial unit, they have 0 experience.

So as England, you have the choice of playing historically and taking your chances sending them to France to defend the Belgian border (we all know what happened at Dunkirk), or keep them on the mainland to defend against a possible Operation Sea-lion.

If you neutralize or at least keep the Italian navy at bay you could even send them to North Africa and allow Wavell to take command.

I usually send them to France first though to get them some experience points, rename the three corps to S.A.S Corps I, II & III and send them to North Africa to take control of the Iraqi oil fields, and to help defend the Huskie oil fields, which is half-historically correct and half-initiative.

I tend to let the 51st Army stick it out in France to meet their doom, which again is half historically correct (they actually surrendered) but I try dragging the Battle of France out enough to evacuate a French HQ and a few French Corps from Algeria, Syria and mainland France to England.

It gives you a few extra free units to use as cannon fodder for when you're strong enough to fight back once the Krauts are fighting on three fronts.

Added a V-1 & V-2 Rocket detachment for the Krauts, also.

Oh, and the RAF AASF in France and the B.E.F Air Component.

The Polish do have a tank group, as they did. Albeit a bad one. Which is demonstrated as it's taken out on the first turn.

The French did have bombers so have added the 1st FAF Bomber unit, this will help you, along with England's Bomber Command delay the Battle of France to give you time to evacuate those priceless units.

The B.E.F start in England so you'll have to ship them to France yourself, as they historically didn't arrive 'til 1940 after the 'Phoney War' was over along the Maginot line.

Anyway, if anyone out there still plays it and wants a more historically accurate and balanced game, then here's the download.

p.s: It obviously won't be historical down to a T, as the map would be choc-a-block with units. But the most important things are ;)

Speaking of which I almost forgot, Kraut U-boats always hunted in 'wolfpacks' of 5. This is represented by adding an extra three U-boats to the two originally placed in the Atlantic, and a further 4 added in the Baltic for you to do as you wish if you play as the Axis of evil.

There's also two rogue U-boats returning from America after three were historically sunk via the protection of the U.S Navy after they were caught trying to disrupt British merchant shipping too close to U.S borders for comfort.








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Strategic Command meant each sub unit to represent more than one sub! It's 50 miles to represent in each hex, so i've always assumed each strength point represents one sub. Or maybe even each 2 str points equals one sub you you'd like it that way. Aside from this, I enjoyed you campaign, It's nice to see that some people still have an interest in SC1.

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I agree with 'ilikadapie'. Keeping in mind this is a strategic lvl game, you can't have 45+ sub units running around the Atlantic. The number is actually a lot higher in total production of u-boats but you get the point. Also, I've never really had that much trouble just keeping the Brits at bay and then taking them out after the fall of Russia. Seemed to work well. And by the time I was ready to hit the Dover coastline, I had developed quite a nice army and navy. Even carriers were a part of it. After all, how else were you going to soften up the D.C. area after the fall of England?

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