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Wierd Graphics Problem

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Im running Vista 32 and the game appears to work fine but I have a strange and extremely annoying graphics problem.

Each time you change the view/magnification or even direction of the map the area around the playing field, beyond the board sort of speak, maintains a ghost image of that previous view. Within a few short minutes of playing my screen is filled with a chaotic blend of other maps surrounding the actual playing surface. Yes, you can try and ignore it but its really hard on the eyes seeing bits and pieces of dozens of "copies" of the map.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Hi. I just purchased new computer. Dual Core 3.16 Hz, with ATI Radeon EAH4850 with 1 GB memory. I have XP home SP3. CMBB patched to 1.03 with 800 x 640 resolution.

Problem 1:

Very sluggish performance, about 7-15 fps when there are medium amount of troops and vehicles. When watching to a direction without any troops, min. 25 fps.

Problem #2. A flickering line at the bottom border of the window to the playworld, i.e. the upper border of the control button pane.

Promlem 3. Typical font problem of ATI cards, related to AA. I can not remove the problem by setting AA to "Application control". I can not even disable AA totally as any such settings do not exist.

I tried to solve by varying video card settings, also removed Z mask. No help to any of these.

Can it be a driver issue (I have the latest), or Direct X (I have 10), or simply something that can not be solved except by changing to an old PC?? :confused: :eek:

I used to have P4 3.4 GHz with AGP Radeon Sapphire x1950 pro, with better performance.

Please help!!

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No it is not a DirectX 10 problem because you are using XP, which supports DirectX 9 backwards to DX5. The problem only occurs when using Vista and DX10 cards.

It sounds like a video card settings problem. Does your PC have a motherboard graphics chip? If so you could try disabling your card cand running from that. If it works, you know it is a card problem.

Usually I find having the latest driver is not a solution, so try a driver to two backwards.

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Thanks, the DX is then not an issue.

However, the 4850 is a new card type, and there was only two previous versions of drivers for that ATI card. I installed the oldest one, with no improvement. The AA can not be turned off totally for some reason because the colored fonts with white background still happens every time.

So I would like to have either:

- New tweaking program (or advice for Ati Tray Tools) that really can disable AA. Ati Tray Tools could not, except possibly with its extensive Advanced settings; or

- New driver that supports 0 x FSAA. Omega drivers do not exist for this card.

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