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HELP! Marines crashing.

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After installing Marines, my CMSF literally went crazy. After loading any given scenario, the game lets me play anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 mins, then an error message and a crash occur. Not only does this happen with Marines, but my old CMSF scenarios play out the same way.

I am running a Bootcamp Win XP under OS/X Tiger with older Nvid drivers. I also have a techinical data from Win error message if it is of any help.

To make things worse, I lost my old CMSF setup file and licence a while ago so i cannot really go back to plain CM - Is this it?! Is this the end of CMSF for me until OS/X version comes out?! (sometime within X amount of years) :cry: Did Marines "break" Bootcamp compatiability?

Edit: disregard... in my post crash stupidity impulse, i haven't checked all the current threads...

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Red Rage, have you got the Syrian Air Force mod installed? Slug88 posted that it uses strings.txt which causes crashes. I was having the same prob as you, just deleted the Syrian AF mod and everything's fine and dandy.

Hope that works for you. If not, try deleting other player mods, as there does seem to be a compatibility issue there.

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