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Where I can I download new campaigns?


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I haven't played many of those, but from the top of my head, I can recommend Paper Tiger's Hasrabit-campaign. It's Syria vs. Syria campaign, with loyalists trying to stop renegade generals from overthrowing the regime. Just a word of caution, it's quite challenging, atleast for me, after all those USA vs. Syria missions and campaign. You'll be a whole lot more vulnerable to enemy fire than you might have been before due to more comparable equipment between different factions.

There's also a mini campaign called Perdition from the same maker, which gives the same conflict a different perspective. I haven't gotten around to test it yet, but I'd guess it's atleast same quality as Hasrabit.

With that said, if you like challenges, give those two a try. Don't be afraid of testing campaigns from other creators either, a lot of them are quality work.

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Honestly just go to CMMDOS and search ALL, then organize by score. Download all the fives and fours. There are a lot of others that are good but haven't been rated. Also check out the MODS thread and make sure you download those mods. It has made my CMSF a whole new game. If you only download one thing download Mord's Radio Chatter. I love it..

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'Hasrabit' is down at the moment as I'm getting it v1.10 ready. However, Red on Red is not to everybody's taste so I would like to point you to two other offerings that are played as the US side:

There's Webwing's very popular 'In search of a Ghost' campaign which is pretty much an infantry-centric affair. People who have played it loved it and it's not too long either.

The second is Bardosy's TF Narwick which was also very popular with the community too.

I haven't played either of these campaigns (or the stock Thunder campaign either) as I'm more into Red v Red actions. But hang on another day or two and you'll be able to play the new Marines campaign. I suspect it will be THE campaign to play for quite some time.

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