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how to get saved files to another pc

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i have to give my labtop back

i already have a new one

how do i get my saved files from TOW to the new labtop after installing the game once more?

the only thing i figured out myself is, that there is a users folder unter TOW folder

but this is 1.98 Gig big?

do i have to copy this one?

any help appreciated

thanks beforehand

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:confused:thanks for qick answer

unfortunately it is not quite clear to me what to do :confused:

1) first of all - i was looking in the right place - when trying to get the saved files to another pc? (TOW/users/player1/*.*) ?

2)what are the mentioned "saves between missions" ?

i guess all subfolders in the player1 directory with the name saveXX are my own files (the biggest folder there is save6 with 24,7 MB)

i guess it is not enough to keep only file Save.sav in the related folder?

- and

3) some files are created from the game itself? (autoend*.** and autostart*.*)

so you recommend to me just to keep the files created by the game (autoend*.** and autostart*.*) ?

i have added printscreen of folder.



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