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HELP: Game won't start - no installation errors, minimizes to task bar with 0% CPU


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No installation errors - using Winrar 3.0

Windows XP - Latest NVIDIA Drivers for a GEFORCE 2MX

Also running powerstrip - but with it turned on or off it makes no difference.

I've run the previous Combat Mission without any problems, and the the CMBB demo also without any hassle.

The game starts like any other - resolution changes etc. but then flashes back to the desktop.

Using task manager you can see it's not actually doing anything (0% CPU Activity).

I've tried pressing Enter, space, escape etc on the few seconds the black screen is up. But nothing seems to do the trick.

Obviously this is pretty annoying, and a restart (as somebody else has posted) did nothing.

I dont seem to be able to get past the screen configuration - as it's not creating the config files in the game dir.

So any ideas on what I should do?

oh and alt-tab or just clicking the game on the taskbar wont work either. It will just go through the whole flash back to desktop.

on another note, I am running Style XP - would that be a problem?

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