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House vs. trench..

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Which is the best terain to fire from? I say trench, hands down. TRy a test with a squad in a house 20 to 30 meters from a trench with an enemy squad and let a fire fight begin. The guys in the house never last longer than 45 seconds before total wipe out and guys in the trench might suffer a wound or two. Worse firing from a roof, even one with a lip around the edge at troops in a nearby trench or even on the ground floor of a nearby building. The roof guys get slaughtered.

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I use whatever cover there is. smile.gif

Else, I'd say it largely depends what you're up against. Roofs and balconies are generally exposed, dangerous places.

HE is dangerous to anything be it in a building or a trench. Though I would agree trenches do offer somewhat more protection, especially against small arms, but only until the first airburst shells come flying. ;)

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