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Test - squad engaging more than one target simultaneously.

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This testing was "triggered" by discussions ongoing in the the main CMSF forum regarding what we're gaining with 1:1 representation. I realised I hadn't been paying close enough attention during the firefights to see if a squad in CMSF could only track one target at a time (or all the ones you could jam onto one 8 m grid), so I set out to see if it could.

I have tested Syrian & US reg infantry in a small house presented with the following targets:

1. squad or HQ on one side, vehicle on the opposite side = at first, small arms only at infantry target, than simultaneous ATG at vehicle

2. squad or HQ on one side, squad on the opposite side = at first, small arms only at one target, than simultaneous small arms at both. Even the three-man US HQ section split one guy off to fire at the opposite target. Fire splitting even worked if both targets were on the same side of the building, and the squad seemed to split the fire left and right according to the two windows.

2. three squads equidistant forming a triangle = at first, small arms only at one target, than simultaneous small arms at two, with all three getting engaged at some point in the first minute

I only tested the last one once, so I didn't keep trying to see if the sqaud would engage all three simultaneously. Also, I did not bother to press it past three targets.

It didn't take a whole lot of test time for this to happen - it did it within the 20 or so seconds for each test.

Ummm...all hail 1:1 ;)

That was not something I recall ever seeing in any CMX1 match. And going through the chore of splitting every squad into half squads was considered "gamey" because it doubled the number of targets you could engage, not something that was considered as part of the normal development. Now, CMSF 1:1 seems to do it using the AI.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. They can shoot at several targets at the same time, unless you give them a specific target. After all those years of monovision, it's quite refreshing to see the AI capable of multitasking smile.gif .

I also noticed that when moving close to buildings they tend to stick to the walls, especially when given the "Assault" order. It's still crude with the pathfinding issue and all, but I was able to do some nice tactical maneuvers the other day.

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