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Al Hawl - Problem with Syrian Mech Infantry

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Just attempted to play the "Al Hawl" battle as the Syrians and have found a problem.

The Syrians get 2 platoons of BMP-2 equipped Mech Infantry. However, the infantry cannot be fitted into the vehicles. Each squad is 9 men and cannot be split, when the BMP-2 can only carry 8 men. I have tried to replicate this problem using the Editor but whenever I pick BMP-2 Mech Infantry in the Editor the squads are 8 men and will fit. Does this mean that the Al Hawl scenario is using an old TO&E or something?

The only way I can see of fixing this is to load the scenario into the Editor, make a note of each Syrian unit, delete them and then add them back in, but it could get messy and might break the scenario.

In any case, as others have said, this scenario is pretty broken already. Both sides can see each other's setup zones. The squads not fitting into the BMPs should probably be included in a general over"hawl" of the scenario ;) .

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