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geforce4 440 go: no infantry displayed

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while i experience a very good performance on low settings on my pentium 4 mobile 1.6 ghz i have one big problem:

i cant see any infantry, neighter soldiers nor units icons (that only when outside vehicles, when inside the icon is deplayed above the vehicle). if i am happy to hit it on the empty battlefield or go through units with "-". it displays info and pahts of infantry but not the men.

does the enginge use a technologie that g4 440 go cant display? or is anyone using it successfully?

thanks Ron

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yeah its only 64 MB Graphics Memory :-(

so you say that i see infantry when building a scenario without vehicles? seems strange that i can see vehicles quite detailed... an no infantry at all.

and where to turn off shadows? edited: sorry read the forum first... other topics mention its in-game hotkeys and not Options.

[ July 30, 2007, 05:06 AM: Message edited by: ronft ]

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