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Unlock All Units For Requisition???


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Playing the game more and more i'm increasingly frustrated by "HQ" deciding what units are made available to me, after all i'm in charge! :mad:

Can we please have an unlocked mode of play made available for campaigns, where we decide what units to requisition for an upcoming battle, from the entire arsenal for that particular nation at that particular time and only restricted by the points available? smile.gif

I am aware that the upcoming "addon" is going to address a large number of issues such as captured units being able to be used, but in my oppinion being told what you can fight with is very restrictive and is severely detracting from the pleasure of playing the game. :confused:

Another weakness "in my oppinion" of TOW is the multiplayer selection of units.

I had expected that multiplayer be very similar to the single player way of choosing units in the units screen but was today horrified when i started a multiplayer LAN game with my good friend SS_Kesselring (another close combat veteran) to find that you have to fight with a pre determined selection of units rather than choosing units using the points system!

Coosing the units that reflect your style of fighting then winning against another human player adds a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and is surely a key part of any successful WW2 multiplayer game!

Furthermore i was also expecting to be able to play a campaign in multiplayer not just a single battle! Where every loss or capture would have an effect on the next map adding a whole world of enjoyment to beating and indeed losing to friends!

Please don't take any of this the wrong way, i think the game is excellent but it is important that you at least consider these ideas for improvement, i am aware that somtimes it is impossible to program particular changes because the games engine simply cannot deal with such changes. But if at all possible could you? And could you let us know what you think?

Cheers SS_KONIG :rolleyes:

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As it is indeed a good concept it is still not impossible. ToW is still a Diamond in the Rough.They are working on Multi player as we speek and are adding much to its playability.

It will eventurally be what your looking for in a WWII tactical game just give them some time. Here they have stated that many things we have asked for will be addressed so please give them time. It is by far overwhelming to ask for so much when they really are trying to do all they can to make it what we the fans have asked for.

I feel that 1C are doing all they can to create the game of the Century and will be able to add all our ideas with time because it will benifit them to do so. Please give them a chance to take a breath and work on what we already have asked them to do. I am sure they will be more then happy and willing to make the game with your ideas and more but time will be the most important factor.

I have waited over 4 years just to have what ToW is now. I will wait a little more and be thankfull that 1C and BattleFront have finally made the game that I and Many have been waiting for all this time. It will come , as it is said,"All things come to those who wait".It is hard for me to wait also for I love the game and yet I have the knowledge that at least they are doing all they can to make it better.

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You can do this right now with a little effort. The danger is that you can create unhistorical situations (eg Kingtiger in France 1940). But if its fun hey WTF?

This can be done in the mission editor & indeed is something that I'm implementing in the campaign I'm developing. You get a few core units & a bunch of points to create the force you think you'll need.

In the stock missions simply move all the units in the Deployment section to the reserves section. It'd be a good idea to make a backup copy 1st though! Then add any extra units you want into the reserves & voila, off you go!

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