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Some questions


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Just enjoying the demo, will like to know some things before to buy the game:

1-Is a mission editor available with a map editor?? Is easy to use??

2-What kind of weather the game has?? And night??

3-Possible to use paratroopers??

and at last, is any expansion planned with other armies like Japan and Italy and new terrains like north Africa and the Pacific??


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In answer

1 YES! There is a mission & map editor but whilst very powerful they are not easy to use at first & take some time to get used to. That said the tutorials are excellent & are highly recommended.

2 All major types of weather are modelled very well.

3 YES! Paras are present. But only ground deployed you cant specify where the paras land it assumes that they have already jumped.

As to the last question .... over to Sneaksie

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Possible in editor and multiplayer. After release of new multiplayer patch any engagements will be possible in MP with up to 8 players, for example 2 human US and 2 AI France against 1 German AI, 1 human USSR and 2 human UK.

Fratricide (choosing the same country by opposing players) is also possible.

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