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AI suicidal grenade throwing tendencies??


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Hi there, i'm a Newb to the forum but have been watching it closely for a few weeks now and this is my first post.

Has anyone else noticed the tendency of infantry to throw grenades directly against walls, trees or buildings only to have them not surprisingly bounce back or drop at their feet and blow them (and anyone else unfortunate enough to be close by!!) into chunks?

I particularly noted this behaviour during Mortain in the Allied Campaign when clearing the last farm complex (the one protected by the WirbelWind Flakwagon) It happened about 6 times and i ended up having to try placing the grenadiers in very exposed positions for them to have a fighting chance of getting the grenades over the farm walls.

Even then, several times the grenadier would throw one grenade from the standing position which occasionally cleared the wall. Unfortunately he would then lie down (without being ordered to?) throw a second grenade which would bounce back off the wall and kill him!!

Now i understand that the soldiers marksmanship attribute might have to be at a certain level to enable him to throw a grenade through an open window at 30 metres but surely even the least trained least experienced most unintelligent soldier can be trusted to lob a grenade over a wall that he is standing against without killing himself in the process?

Any thoughts? Anyone seen the same thing?

I think some aspect of the AI grenade throwing routine may need tweaking as this does seem to happen a lot in my experience. By all means try and replicate this activity and see what happens. I am using the Area Fire command to target where i want the grenades to go as the AI will not throw at a target they cant see using the regular Target command.

By the way just want to say i think ToW is an excellent game but is seriously in need of the upcoming patch and also of serious attention from the modding community. I've been watching and waiting for this game from the very start of its conception and have thoroughly enjoyed playing it for the last month or so.

By the way haven't received DVD yet in Plymouth, UK. Just for info for other Brits.


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I lost an entire squad trying to nade that AA from behind the wall.

It was the only thing left on the map and I lost the game to it multiple times.

In the end after lobbing endless grenades I managed to kill the gunner and my zooka guy could approach the vehicle without getting lazored @200m

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I thought i wouldnt be the only one!!

Likewise i lost about 10-12 guys through this daft behaviour. I expect it will crop up again in similar situations on other campaigns/missions. It definitely needs sorting if grenades are to be a useful and realistic weapon in the game.

Also if 1C ever sort out the occupying of buildings it will become even more important as the ability to "post" grenades in house to house fighting is a major feature of this type of combat in the real world (Believe me, i know from personal experience!)

Maybe they could implement/enable some sort of Aiming Arc from the thrower to the target area to enable you to see the projected path of the grenade. Thus avoiding all those nasty splinters and all that screaming!!

Come on 1C sort it out! :confused:

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